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16 Tips for Working from Home

Posted on: April 6, 2020

There has been a lot of change in the last few weeks. Many professionals and our members have found themselves working from home. Keeping productive while at home can be incredibly hard, so we’ve put together some tips to promote productivity. Not all may make sense for you, but choose a few and feel more in control over working from home.

1. Have a schedule and stick to it.
At home, you will find many distractions, from the tv, the kitchen, your bedroom, and you might even get tempted to do some of your home projects. Having a schedule will help you bring order to your day. Be flexible, but try to stick to the schedule.

2. Wake up early.
Wake up early, focus on your work, finish your day strong.

3. Dress for work.
You might think that because you are working from home and no one is watching you, you can wear your pajamas or flip flops and shorts. And you are right; no one might be watching you, but there is something else in getting ready for work. It is not only how you look but how you feel and the mindset you get when you get ready for work.

4. Respect your breaks.
Take care of yourself. Mini breaks throughout the day, and a longer lunch break help to reset and recharge your focus. Don’t skip them!

5. Stop when the workday is over.
Work is important. But so is downtime and family time. Stop when it’s time, even though it’s so tempting to send one more email, or get one more thing off the to-do list.

6. Go to bed on time.
It’s so tempting to watch episode after episode of a show on Netflix or Hulu. You body is probably a bit more stressed than normal and needs adequate sleep. Aim for 8 hours every night.

7. Designate a space in your house, strictly for work.
If there are others in your home, this can be hard. Try to not pick the kitchen table, but somewhere a bit out of the way that can be designated as your “office.”

8. Set an office atmosphere.
Now that you have you spot, set the right atmosphere. Decorate in a pleasant and calming way, hang some family pictures, and play the music that feels good for work. Stay away from distractions like the news or a tv show.

9. Make a to-do list.
Create a to-do list daily, and have your top 3 priorities. It will help you to focus your energy on your most important tasks for the day.

10. Use video for meetings.
Connect with people by using Zoom, Facebook Video, FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, or any other secure video app.

11. Limit checking social media.
You can catch up during a break or at night. Social media can be so tempting and engaging that it can easily make you lose focus and waste part of your workday.

12. Get fresh air.
Many places have a Stay-At-Home order, but if you are allowed, go for a walk. Stay cautious, safe and close to your home. If you can’t go out, open some windows and get a bit of fresh air.

13. Prep for meals.
Some groceries may be hard to find right now, so go with meals that are flexible with ingredients. Maintain healthy eating habits, and enjoy having meals that are prepped at once, and ready for quick cooking.

14. Drink water.
Stay hydrated and avoid high energy drinks or sodas.

15. Exercise.
Along with eating healthy, exercising will help you reduce stress and feel better.

16. Be consistent.
Consistency is vital to establish a successful routine. Figure what works for you and stick to it.

Remember, stay home, stay strong, we are in this together.

Blog provided by Patricio VillaFranco, Credit Union Marketing Manager