85 Reasons to Choose ECCU

- We asked our Members Why They Love ECCU -

85 Reasons to Choose ECCU

Accessibility & Convenience

"Their locations are convenient and the quality of service is exceptional. Plus, they have great rates for vehicles and other loans! They listen to our concerns and adjust operations accordingly." - Alana


"I've been a customer with ECCU for 27 years. I am retired from ExxonMobil and it is still easy to do my banking there. There are never long lines and the people are always friendly and ready to help with whatever I need." - Mary


"ECCU - They Extend Customer Care Unconditionally.The staff always remembers my name and greets me with a smile as well as professional guidance and knowledge. They are my extended family!" - Cheryl


"I've been with ECCU since 1983 and I've never been disappointed or had a problem with my account. I've purchased at least 4 new cars through this credit union, and I've never found a better interest rate. When I call, I'm helped immediately and banking is convenient no matter where I am with shared branches." - Gloria


"The Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. Their rates are very competitive and the products that are available compare to those at any other financial institution." - Samual


"I was looking to refinance my automobile and when I applied with ECCU, they helped me within minutes and lowered my interest rate. The people working here are lovely!" - Sandy

News & Updates

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