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Experience Life

Posted on: November 3, 2019

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How do you experience life to the fullest? Is it with a vacation, taking the time to learn something new, spending time with your loved ones, making the effort to meet new people, paying off debt, or buying something nice for yourself? Whatever it may be, we know how important it is to live your life to the fullest. We’ve written about a few things that we think are important to ensure you are living your best life.

Take Care of Yourself

This is so important. And…no, this does not just mean eat your fruits and veggies (even though you should!) We’re talking about your mental, physical and emotional health. They are all so important. We know how stressful life can be, so it’s easy to forget to do things for yourself sometimes. Have you had a stressful week at work? Take the weekend to do something you find the most relaxing. Go on a walk, get a massage, eat a whole pizza to yourself, watch movies all day…anything! With that said, your diet does have a huge impact on your overall health. So, make sure you are giving your body what it needs and try to get some workouts in throughout your week! Lastly, get some sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things to keep you functioning throughout your day. Those few extra hours you don’t think you need will make all the difference.

Work Hard

Don’t you feel so good when you know you’ve done your best job at the end of the week? It always makes it a little more fun to reward yourself after a week of hard work. Not only that, but hard work can benefit you in so many ways. You will create so many more opportunities for yourself and you will feel great! We know that work is stressful and that it can be easy to get behind and demotivated at times, but always remember that hard work pays off and you can do it!

Set Goals

Setting goals in life will help you to stay organized. Start by setting a one-year goal, then a three-year goal and then a five-year goal! Have you been dying to travel somewhere but just can’t seem to make it happen right now? Start saving your money and have an end goal to make that trip happen! Or maybe you want that new set of wheels? Set your goal so you can zoom, zoom, zoom! You will be able to achieve so much more than you think by making this a habit. Having a well-defined goal gives you a reason to say no to things that don’t support what you’re working toward.

Live Your Best Life with Us

Here at Energy Capital Credit Union, we believe we can contribute to you living your BEST life. How, you ask? Our Mastercard platinum rewards card. You get 0% APR* for 6 months for qualifying purchases, and 1.90% APR* for 12 months for balance transfers. It includes all of this too:

  • Cash back rewards
  • No annual fee
  • Worldwide usage everywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Trip delay and cancellation or interruption protection
  • Lost luggage coverage
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver
  • Zero liability for unauthorized purchases
  • Buyer protection
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Emergency card replacement

Start Today

After reading this, we hope you feel encouraged! If an ECCU credit card fits with your life goals, apply here.


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